Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Choosing a simple life vs. advertising.

I was reading this blog this morning, and found myself thinking about the simple life I choose.

Deep in the comments section of that blog above, I found people questioning why they might feel marginalized by the consumerist society at large.

Well, I have the answer and it isn't pretty.  Advertisers and merchandisers and producers will do everything, ethical or not so ethical, to marginalize those who chose a different path from the one they want.


1.  Microsoft vs. Apple advertisements.  Apple makes Microsoft users out to be nerdy geeks, while the Apple user is cool, hip, and "normal".  This kind of advertising makes for a desire to belong in the "in" crowd.

2.  Sex sells.  Always.  Advertisers will figure out ways to sell the most un-sexy stuff with sexy advertising.  Why?  Because it works.  Just the inference that if I use product X, I'll get more sex, makes that product somehow better.  Don't believe me?  Ask yourself why advertisers use airbrushed photos of women in magazine advertisements.

3.  Why are basic society mores devalued by advertisers?  Because if everyone pulled their heads out of the advertising for too long, their products wouldn't sell.  Good, just, people who choose to spend time with friends and loved ones, aren't out shopping, watching movies, consuming music, or surfing the internet and seeing all the other advertising that they have paid for.

I'll stop here. Piling on too much is not good.

Until next time,
Live simply that other's may live.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

May the 4th be with you!

A small homage to George Lucas.

Voluntary Simplicity is the way to go.  Sometimes it is difficult hearing folks at work talk about the TV shows they watch, but then I start to tell them what I got accomplished instead of watching TV.  And suddenly, it isn't so difficult anymore.

When I choose my simple lifestyle, I have my small group of things I like to do, and they are done with mindfulness and joy.  And I don't have to feel that I'm deprived, because my life is wrapped up in my family.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Freecycling Plants

If you haven't tried your local Freecycling group, I wholly recommended it!

This week I gave away periwinkle, strawberry plants, asters, sun-chokes, lots of chocolate mint, creeping euonamous,  black-eyed-susans and ornamental grass.

I put the post on Freecycle, and had about 20 people interested.  With the bounty of my gardens I had plenty to give away for everyone who could come by to get it.  I met lots of interesting people, all eager to have free plants.  These are plants that have multiplied so much they were taking over paths, and trying to escape enclosures.  Giving them away gave Mary and I lots of "plant Karma".  Hopefully they grow well for the people that received them.

Some of the Freecyclers were very impressed with our gardens, and wanted to know more about what we are doing.  Mary suggested having a gathering of people who are interested and giving a more in-depth tour.  So we are setting that up too.

Looking forward to sharing more knowledge of what can be done!

Monday, March 21, 2011

It's been a while.

Yep, I've decided to restart the blog. Not sure it will go anywhere, or if anyone will care want to read about my simple life.

I'm still gardening, with amazing results. Some of the trees gave amazing fruits last year, while others didn't. Stink bugs came and feasted, but left us plenty. Harlequin Beetles ate the kale, mustard, collards and horseradish down to the ground.

I harvested 22 butternut squash... I won't plant quite so many of them this year... maybe 2 plants?

The beans didn't do so well, because of the intense heat of the summer, but the fall brought some good ones.

The old shed finally gave up the ghost... I spent most of last week dealing with the wreckage, cutting it up, hauling it off (Thanks Bill!) and sealing the well-built wood deck that was the floor.
The old deck makes a wonderful platform for my 2 top-bar bee hives.

About the bee hives. Two winters ago saw both hives die. I didn't have a go at the hives last summer. So this winter, I built a couple of feeders, and will try again this summer. I missed having bees in the garden!

Anyway, I don't know if it will be daily or a bit more sporadically that I get posts in, but I'll try to keep it going!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Wooden Spoons, that is.

I've carved several, and I'm getting pretty good at it. Also got lost in facebook. Way too much fun there.

I've been keeping it simple and really just enjoying life.

I spent last weekend taking care of sick family and getting a few garden beds weeded and ready for planting. Did you know that if periwinkle gets away from you it can take over an entire bed in a single summer? I didn't know that. I'll pay much closer attention to it this summer!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Simplicity for Simplicity's Sake

I've been thinking often about my simple life. Some would say that my life isn't simple at all. But I think it is.

I refrain from watching TV, which gives me enormous flexibility in my time.

I cook my own low-fat, plant-based vegetarian meals. Some would say that is way too complicated, but like all things practice makes it easy.

I enjoy working in the garden. There is always something to do. This weekend, I've been mulching leaves that I scavenged from the neighbors leaf raking efforts. They so nicely bag them up, and then I come along and grab up the bags full, and take them home, and run them under my mulching mower. I then spread them over my garden beds about 2 to 4 inches deep. Not hard work, but it does fill the day.

I enjoy exercising with Mary. Our afternoon walks are a joy, even when the weather turns colder. We have a "hand holding" glove specially made so that we can hold hands inside it. Simple joy there.

Other simple joys.
A fire in the fireplace in the autumn chill.

A hot cup of tea to warm me on the inside.

Hot banana bread, fresh from the oven.

Warm waffles with pecans and real maple syrup.

Minestrone soup with home-grown Swiss chard.

A clean kitchen with counters clear so that I can easily cook.

Looking in my love's eyes, and enjoying her smile, a mirror of my own.

Keep it Simple, Silly!

Monday, October 27, 2008



I took about a dozen shiitake mushrooms off the log in the kitchen this afternoon, and cut them into thin strips. I then went outside and cut a huge handful of purple basil. Then I peeled lots of garlic cloves.

I wound up with a wonderful mushroom centered meal. I'm serving the concoction over bow-tie noodles and I'm having trouble waiting for Mary to get home. The house smells absolutely wonderful!

I think I've already got my $$$ worth out of the purchase of the spawn for the mushrooms. Wow. If I had to buy all those mushrooms at retail prices, I think it would break me.

It's a shame there isn't anything for vegetarians to eat! (light sarcasm)

Anyhow, enjoy your dinner...